TVs VS Projectors

5 Elements to Consider When Deciding Between a Home Theater TV or Projector

It is the age old question as to whether or not one should equip their home theatre system with either a television or projector. Both have pros and cons, while one is more affordable, the other is bigger than ever and visa versa. Each top the other in different circumstantial situations. In order to help you decide between the two a list of important elements to consider has been provided below. It details how televisions and projectors differ in terms of quality, price, sound, picture, and convenience.

#1 Size

TVs VS Projectors

There was a time when projectors trumped televisions when it came to size but those days are long gone. Presently, you can purchase an eighty inch TV for under $4,000. However, one must consider that a projector screen able to reach over one hundred and twenty inches with great color reproduction, efficient brightness, and 1080p resolution for half the cost of a 4K UHD high end television. Thus, projectors are still the most cost-effective, but the competition between the two is rising.

#2 Brightness

Brightness is a huge factor to consider when purchasing a projector. The lighter the room your home theater is located in, the more you need to ensure your brightness will not be washed out. Not to mention, the higher the brightness on a projector, the higher the cost will be. Consider this when deciding which room your home theater will be placed in as projectors can range between $1,500 - $3,000 dollars easily with high replacement costs on bulbs that burn out from over brightening. The only exception to this rule is if you can get your viewing room extremely dark, then projectors are extremely easy on the eyes - it is no secret as to why they are utilized to screen movies. On the other hand, televisions will always present you with a vibrantly bright picture with little to no upkeep cost.

#3 Contrast

Projectors VS TVs

Brightness and black levels are the two components that create contrast and while a projector’s brightness capabilities can be gauged by its Lumen rating, black levels are figured by how dark you can get your theatre room. Although, it has been proven that too much ambient light has the ability to wash out a TV, it is much less likely. Televisions are equipped to battle against heightened ambient light whereas projectors barely have a fighting chance.

#4 Resolution

4K televisions will always trump 4K projectors second to none. While both are astronomically expensive, a 4K TV wins when it comes to resolution by ten fold. Premium 4K TVs offer high dynamic range and a wide color gamut built to host quality Blu-ray players with equivalent sound systems. 4K projectors are no joke but they do not rise up to meet 4K television resolution levels.

#5 Color Accuracy

Projectors offer great color at a great price. TVs require a tad bit more effort to produce color which drives up their price scale a tad more. 4K TVs are no exception in price but they produce a color accuracy unlike any other. Thus, when it comes to price and performance comparison, TVs take the cake. However, if price is a non-issue then you can find high end projectors that produce an image twice the size of a 4K television with outstanding image quality and color accuracy for a larger than life sum of money. But for the average joe, price is usually the deciding factor behind purchases making televisions the better option in this case.