Home Theatre Speakers Guide

Owning a massive TV in 1080 P, 4K or 8K resolution is the new craze. Audio quality should be equal the display to create a true home theater experience. The best TVs come with underpowered built in speakers so we advise attaching some additional ones. Home theater speaker systems are the best way to up the quality of your home entertainment center and get a great surround sound.

These systems are 5.0 or 5.1 speaker systems. That means they at least include five speakers, two main, to surround and a center channel. The two main go on the left and right side of your TV. The center channel goes directly under your TV and the surround speakers should go to the right or left of the viewer. Essentially the audio system surrounds the viewer. This strategic placement submerges you and provides a movie theater quality surround sound. The .1 in the 5.1 represents a subwoofer. This adds depth and realism to action scenes.

The systems vary greatly in cost. Some are under $200 while others range above $700. It doesn't always mean that the higher the price the better the product.

Home theater speakers come in a variety of arrangements. Several of them do not come with subwoofers so find a system that has a subwoofer because you will receive a base response that is subpar.

Some of the systems have a dedicated center speaker as one of the speakers is still to be placed under over the TV but is not considered a dedicated center speaker. Make sure to find one that has a center speaker, which has more drivers and a higher sensitivity rating. Center speakers are usually used to enhance dialogue clarity.

If you already have currently some components of a home theater audio system, you can always add to your existing set up.