Home Theatre Buying Guide

When you decide to build a home theater system, there are so many options it can become a challenge to consumers and they need to decide which components and devices to connect to their system and all that needs to match the space dedicated to their home theater. We need to start by choosing the right AV receiver and then building from there and an HDTV.

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Tips for buying a receiver


The receiver is actually the maestro of the various comprise a home theater. The coordinates of various system components to the user and this should be your first place to start.

Make sure the receiver has the right inputs

Receiver Inputs

The types of connectable devices are the first feature to consider. Most receivers work with HDTV, Blu-ray player, DVD player, video game console, and speakers. There should be enough ports for all the devices. Some receivers have Bluetooth so you can connect a smart phone or tablet. Receivers also offer Wi-Fi so you can control the receiver through a computer.

Consider the number of speaker channels

The consumer should look at how many channels of sound the receiver can produce. Most present 5.1 channel surround sound so that includes a subwoofer and five speakers. A surround sound receiver can play the sound of waves crashing through rear speakers and dialogue through the center speaker. Consumers may even purchase a 7.1 channel or 7.2 channel receiver with output for a second subwoofer.

Tips for buying audio components for a home theater system

Home Theater System

You can customize your sound system in numerous ways. You can assemble individual speakers or buy a whole system.

Assemble individual speakers or buy a speaker system

Speaker systems include configurations of certain types of speakers.


Match the speaker set up to the designated space

Ceiling Speakers

There are various options on how to set up your speakers in your home theater. All speakers will mount and make them ideal for rooms with limited floor space. Ceiling speakers are good for consumers with no floor or wall space as they are in the ceiling. If you do not want to set up speakers in the walls you can buy a sound bar. This is a low-profile speaker that can play surround sound without requiring space in a room.

HDTV receives the most attention of any wholesaler component so be sure you give it careful consideration before purchasing. You can choose between LCD and plasma televisions but you must find the right screen size according to the home theater space.

Choosing between LCD and plasma

LCD And Plasma

These two are the prevalent HDTV television technologies. The former is thinner and lighter and more energy-efficient. They are available in large and small sizes were plasma televisions only offer bigger screens. An LCD TV is brighter making it ideal for daytime view. A plasma TV has an open back and provides great contrast in dark rooms. It is also exceptionally smooth in its motion so it gives satisfaction to sports fans and videogame enthusiasts.

Find the right television size


The size of the TV depends on your preferred viewing distance. The recommended minimum viewing distance for a 42-inch HDTV is 5.3 feet and the maximum is 10.5 feet. For every 4-inch difference in screen size the recommended minimum distance increases or decreases by 1/2 foot and the maximum viewing distance is twice as great as the minimum distance.