Best TVs for Watching Movies

If you love watching movies at home then it is very important to choose the right TV. When you watch movies in a dark room such aspects as deep and uniform blacks, contrast and local dimming matter. And these are the things you should be looking out for when buying a new TV. By the way, even quite affordable TVs can offer decent picture quality without unnecessary features.

55" 65"

65 inch TV

The best TV for watching movies in a dark room is the LG B7 OLED TV because of its infinite contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. In other words the TV’s blacks are perfect, without distracting clouding so the image has a depth that no standard LED/LCD TVs can offer. It produces little motion blur, has high peak brightness and can reproduce a wide specter of colors so you get an impressive HDR image. This is a high-end 4k OLED smart TV with exceptional picture quality.

When watching a movie in a pitch black room blacks often tend to look gray. Other TVs like the Sony Z9D rely on expensive full-array local dimming features to solve this problem, but they still lack the same granularity of OLEDs. In fact, the picture quality of LG B7A is the same as that of more costly models like the LG C7, but its price is more affordable.


75 inch TV

The Sony X940E 4k LED TV is the best option available if you need to upgrade your home theater with a larger TV. Although it doesn't have the wide viewing angles that the OLED have, but its picture quality is the best. The X940E is a great 4k HDR smart TV that offers an excellent HDR image due to the unmatched local dimming and ability to display a wide range of colors. Its blacks are some of the best produced by LED TVs, and it can be rather bright. The X940E does have some motion blur but it doesn't impact the excellent movie performance.

If you want picture quality close to high-end LED TVs without splurging on the most expensive model we recommend choosing the Sony X900E 4k Android TV. We consider it the best mid-range LED TV for watching movies because of its local dimming feature that enhances contrast. Although the design of the Sony X900E 4k Android TV is not as fancy as that of most high-end LED TVs, it still produces a quality picture which is much better than any other mid-range TV can offer. It handles the top and bottom letterboxes well producing perfect black without distracting clouding. The TV is just great for watching HDR content as it gets very bright and produces motion very well. However the image gets degraded when it is viewed at an angle.

Sony X900E TV

If it is important for you to stay on the budget then the Vizio M Series 2017 LED TV is an option to consider. While it lacks some of the features found in premium LED TVs, it comes with a local dimming feature that no other entry-level TVs have. It produces deep and uniform blacks, and handles motion well making it a good choice for gamers. Due to the local dimming feature the picture depth is quite good. Plus the TV supports Dolby Vision and HDR10. It can get bright enough and is capable of reproducing a wider range of colors than most budget TVs can, so we consider the Vizio M Series 2017 the best in its price range for watching movies in a dark room. However, this model poorly handles reflections, and has a narrow viewing angle so this is probably not the best choice for a bright, spacious living rooms.

The Vizio E Series 2017

Vizio E Series 2017 TV

If we look into cheaper TV options the Vizio E Series 2017 is worth buying as it offers good picture quality in a dark room. Of course, this model has no local dimming and features limited HDR support, still it is a good 4k LED TV with quite deep and uniform blacks, and not bad motion. It should be noted, that the image is prone to degradation when viewed from an angle and the brightness is quite average.

Samsung MU9000

Samsung MU9000 TV

This TV is just great for watching movies, but the M Series offers the same picture quality for cheaper price. The 4k Samsung MU9000 handles motion well and produces deep and uniform blacks. This versatile TV supports HDR not bad, but the range of colors it produces is quite limited and the image accuracy degrades at an angle.

LG SJ8500

LG SJ8500 TV

This TV is not the best for watching movies in the dark. We’ll explain why. The LG SJ8500 LED 4k TV has a goof picture quality and better viewing angles compared to other TVs, plus it gets rather bright in HDR, and display a wide range of colors without gradations. This smart TV is good for gamers due to low input lag and motion blur. However, its blacks are not deep and its uniformity of grays and blacks is below average.

Sony X930E

Sony X930E TV

One of the best LED TVs for movies, but OLED still ensures better movie watching experience and is worth the higher price. The Sony X930E 4K HDR TV is an excellent LED TV offering unmatched picture quality. It's very bright so it is great at reproducing HDR. Its motion and input lag are good but viewing angle is rather narrow.

Sony Z9D

Sony Z9D TV

Also a good LED TV for movies, but it costs more than the LG B7 and X940E. The Sony Z9D is a first rate full-array 4k LED TV offering some of the best picture quality currently available at the market. It is very bright which is good for HDR and has a great local dimming feature. Its drawbacks include motion blur and distorted image when it is viewed at an angle.

Samsung Q9F

Samsung Q9F TV

In general, this is a good TV, but its local dimming performance is below average. The Samsung Q9F QLED has a decent picture quality and is capable of displaying a great variety of colors. It has low input lag and very little motion blur, so it also a good TV for gaming and sports watching. Its flaw is poor picture quality when it is viewed from an angle.

TCL P607


TCL P607 p series is a good HDR TV but the M Series 2017 offers better performance for the same price. This budget TV is really versatile and is quite good for watching movies in the dark room. Its deep blacks ensure decent picture quality. It comes with local dimming to enhance its contrast, and has HDR features like a large color volume and high brightness. It also has low motion blur and input lag, so sports lovers and gamers are sure to enjoy it as well. But the picture quality becomes worse when viewed from an angle, and the overall picture uniformity is average.



This is an excellent OLED TV, but LG B7 offers the same picture quality but costs much less. The 4k LG C7 OLED TV displays true blacks, has very low input lag and motion blur. It can get rather bright and displays a wide range of colors. It should be mentioned that it can retain static images for several minutes, and brightness levels may change depending on the content.