Our Site has been around for quite some time. During this time we experienced ups and downs, but we managed to overcome the hardships together with our loyal readers, found new ones and we hope that many other music and movie lovers will join our warm and friendly company.

Music and movies exist inseparably since the time talking pictures have been invented. Even at the time when phrases the characters pronounce were written between the scenes, a man was sitting in the hall playing the piano. Sound technologies in the movie industry have been developing for already two centuries.

Movies And Music

Music at the movies aims to create particular atmosphere. Each genre has its own music style. Many horror movies and thrillers “stretch” our nerves even more with tense, sometimes even ear splitting music. Drum roll often foretells the sudden appearance of a ghost or a “bad guy”. Cool rock music at the end of the action movie implies that the enemies are defeated and the main character is a hero. And slow lyrical motifs make lacrimal glands work even harder.

Often good sound tracks become the main advantage of the movie. Actors play their roles so-so, the scenario could the better, the director seems to have just graduated from the school, but people like the movie. Often unknown bands and singers became famous after performing in a popular movie. And the role of music in a musical is difficult to overestimate! Each world famous director has his own music preferences. On hearing the first song in the movie you can often guess who created it. Many directors use dissonance of the picture and sound for escalation.

Music And Movies

In general, music plays a special and, no doubt, an important role in the contemporary culture. It sort of permeates the culture. We hear it everywhere. When traveling we hear it in our head phones and when we are driving the car we immediately turn on the radio or a recorder. At the workplace we try to eliminate the production noise and turn on the radio or put on the headphones, and those who are not allowed to do this envy us. At the café background music ensures the right degree of intimacy during the conversation. But we can enjoy music to the full only at home where we can use different sound recording systems – home theatre systems and home theatre speakers. Indeed, why should we spend time to go to the movies and pay for the ticket when you can watch the movie on the super great smart TV, kicking back on your favorite couch? Especially since the invention of the home video recorders and DVD players everyone can choose the program according to his or her taste.

Also these days it is impossible to imagine advertisements without music. It is the music in the ad that makes the audience focus on the product being advertised. And sometimes when we are far from the TV and have heard the familiar music we know for sure what product is going to be advertised.

So, listen to good music, watch interesting films and be happy!